Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making Grandma Proud.....

Well Hello y'alls!

I guess I have some new readers out there that apparently aren't completely offended by my humor and even dare I say...think I'm actually amusing?!?!?! Well thank you! And thank you for checking back in here even though my posts are sporadic at best. Life's been...hmmm, INTERESTING? A lot going on around here on the funny farm. Maybe I'll get into that on another post, maybe. It's long and involved and probably almost unbelievable.

So onto more exciting things.... I decided a good way to work through my grief over losing my grandma would be to find a way to honor her. She was an amazing woman, so caring and thoughtful. And proper!! I know, I know how in the fk did I come from a saint like her?!?!?! So in thinking about it I wanted to find a way to send out me love to others. The only problem with that was, as I've talked about on here before, I'm a hermit. I don't leave the mountains much. And in a "aha" moment I decided to use my Instagram addiction as a way to facilitate my good deeds!! Genius right?!?!?! Im such an Instagram slut....I put a post out their so people wouldn't think I was some crazy stalker and just went for it.

 First I made some doggies duds for my favorite handcrafters Tumbleweeds H/C. If you haven't heard of them, you must live under a rock. The sweetest shades known to man. If you haven't ordered a pair do it right now. I mean it. Stop reading my dorky ass post and go stalk their shop and buy a pair!! Or 5.  Now that your back from shopping ;) ....Their little Charlie looks like my dorky dogs twin!!! No lie, mirror images I tell ya.

 And since the tumbleweeds crew has an upcoming move I thought they could use a little somethin somethin for the journey.....

Next I made a pendant for @rickithedude, this guy is a legend in the skating world and recently had a mishap that involved some serious medical care.....I drug my feet about scoring one of these sweet tees to support the cause and missed out. So to show him some love and encourage a quick recovery to get back out there and shred it.......

Then sickcityneedlepoint (by the way check out her etsy i need more wall space!!) I noticed was suffering from a migraine. I am a migraine sufferer too. I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone. I have found that rice bags work wonders for this. So I made her one and sent it her way with well wishes to get better soon........

And KinShip Goods, I started this just because I think they're awesome(like as in I need to have a direct checking account just for stuff I want from them!!) and I saw a picture on IG that just made my creative brain go on's still a work WIP but im almost to the finish line.....

And now, I saved the best for last...Remember how I was going on and on about how stupid it was for me to think I could connect with someone on line?!?!?! Ummm  yeah, life decided to slap the holy living shit out of me with that one. Because I "met" okay alli. It all started with this picture.....

 I seriously snort laughed when I stumbled across it, I don't even remember how anymore. Then when I commented on it she proceeded to tell me the story behind this photo and gave me the whole ghetto transition lens infomercial.....I died laughing only to be revived and die again!!!! Instantly my brain went to work turning this goofy garage infomercial riff into a full blown Ad. I just had to make it for her, no way around it. My brain wouldn't rest until it was done.....That started a whole slew of back and forths......then emails.....then texts....Now this beautiful girl makes me snort laugh at lest once a day. She has "been" there to walk me through some really shitty days, we have built a bond that from the outside seems just plain crazy!!!! But whatever, I am grateful for her friendship and to show her my love I sent a little care package, which now is becoming a bi-weekly habit ;) Not to mention her blog is fkn hilarious go read right now you thank me later

Soooo the result of this new pay it forward campaign has been shocking. I'm receiving things back?!?!?! And their responses to my gifts on IG are so sweet and heartfelt they make me cry!!! Out of no where I received this in the mail from sickcityalyssa.....

 Fkn awesome right?!?!?!

And Ms Alli Awesome Sauce...OMG the box of loot from this lady...holyscnockrockers blew my frickin mind!!!!! I will do a whole other post on the goods from this, because it deserves its own post really!

So that's it. My pay it forward campaign.

 Making Grandma Jo smile down on me from heaven one package at a time.

xo the Rebel

Ps- know someone who needs a little pick me up? Shoot me an e-mail, Id be happy to help out <3

Sunday, March 3, 2013

SAHM i am style and thoughts on getting old...

Mountain Hussy

Oh look who actually got dressed up?!?!?! Shocking right? Well the railroader was actually off for once so I thought I'd get all hussied up for him to take me out to lunch;) After looking at these pictures though, I realize belting a dress across my ribs isn't a great look for me. Im built like a line backer up top, well a midget line backer that is since I'm a whole 5'2". My ribcage is HUGE so it just accentuated that and makes me look like I need a cautionary sign that says WIDE LOAD hahaha
Now, I got to thinking the other day about getting old and how your body changes in unexpected ways. Not to mention the things you find yourself thinking and saying that 13 yr old you never ever thought would happen. I thought I'd share with y'all....caution vulgar!!!

Things I should have been warned about getting old

  1. After breastfeeding 3 babies your nipples will hang down to your belly button! You will have to eventually pick them up and place them in your bra cup. If your bouncing around bra less you can contain them in the waistband of your sweats. And if you *uhummm* have your nipples pierced and your belly button USE CAUTION they may become tangled ;)
  2. You will wake up one morning and realize the Grand Canyon has taken up residence in between your eye brows in the form of a giant wrinkle! I swear this happens overnight and no amount of Spackle will rectify this.
  3. You will grow hair where women have no business growing it! For example your chin, out of Helga moles (yet another lovely factor of growing old) on your toes and in your ass crack! Don't believe me? Bend over in front of a mirror.....I'm sorry
  4. You will discover thong underwear are actually a torture devise developed by the Nazis. However if you are one of the unfortunates to develop hemorrhoids they can work as a roid tourniquet.
  5. You will think you hear the sound of a cat dieing only to be informed by your children that, that is actually what passes for good music to the young hip crowd. And you will subsequently yell "Turn that noise down, its making my ears bleed" Annnnddddd 13 year old you just officially died.
  6. You will see young girls walk by and say out loud (cause old folks talk to themselves in public) "Her mother let her out of the house looking like that?" Annnnddd 13 year old you was revived only to be killed again by this comment.
  7. Your children will not know what a cassette tape is let alone an A track. They will never know what it is like to have to manually change the tv channel and ask you if an Atari is a name for an avatar.
  8. You will find coffee is your life's blood and without it you are homicidal.
  9. You will forget what your natural hair color is because you refuse to look at the Rouge streak of grey for even a day and subsequently dye your hair religiously every 4 weeks.
  10. Tweezers will be your best friend. They work as a great hedge trimmer to keep the uni brow at bay, not to mention the aforementioned chin and Helga mole hairs.
Consider yourself warned. Your welcome!
Outfit deeds: Dress & belt Target, Tights & sweater walfart, Boots ross?
Hope you enjoyed!
xoxo the Rebel