Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Peachy....pie that is

Hello home slices (punny) what's baking?

 So yesterday after an "eggsplosion" in my oven I decided I needed a non-cookfail. And a lovely commenter had suggested that I write about what makes ME  happy here in my little corner of the internet. Well.... pie makes me happy. Very very happy indeed. And I decided to get a little crazy with the cheese whiz. Not literally, that would be gross. Well maybe not? They did use to put cheddar pie on Apple pie....I digress.

 I decided to experiment with the filling a bit to amp the peach flavor and try out some mad kitchen chemistry. And after a piece for breakfast (don't judge me you know you've done it too LOL) I am happy to share the delicious results with you!!

 This is my go to for base of a lot of my kitchen science.

 It of course isn't the "new" version. It's the fifth printing, so if anyone wants to google it they can find out the year and share with the rest of the class. It's old, I can tell you that. Like when they still weren't too lazy to sift the ingredients together. Just look at the illustrations, man I just love them! And some of the tips in here totally crack me up.

So here's the crust recipe I use and the simple lattice top.

Really simple: 2 cups sifted flour 1tsp salt 2/3c shortening (I use butter) 5 to 7 tbsp cold!!! water

 Now onto the filling:

 I let my peaches sit out at room temperature until they were completely thawed. Mix together, dump into your pie crust, & do your magic lattice top. I always brush the tops of my pies with egg white. Not necessary but I like the finish ;) Bake at 350 for 35 min. Just watch your pie!! Crust will turn a nice brown and the filling will be thick and bubbly.

Just Peachy!! Now enjoy a piece for breakfast and tell me all about it. On a side note, have you seen these recipe cards from paintedarrow? OMG to die for...go check them out!!
Happy Baking Folks!

xo the Rebel

PS- sorry about the small pics, blogger is being a dick :(

Saturday, February 23, 2013

SAHM i am style

Ahh yes, I really do enjoy these. Im getting better at using my big girl camera on myself. Although I can only imagine how dorky I look setting the timer and running to pose in front of the lens;)
This is my Ewok with a stache impression ;)

So lets talk photoshop for a brief second.... I read a post the other day about a blogger mama catching hell for posting a pic on IG and then photoshopping herself in the blog version. First off who the hell cares? I photoshop my selfies; typically only the big girl camera ones, my phone photos usually only get a basic IG filter &  usually because of shit lighting. Why do I photoshop? At the risk of sounding like a bitch, it's not for you. It's for me. As I'm sure all of you women readers out there can relate, WE ARE OUR WORST CRITICS. I've always hated having my picture taken so this is way outside my comfort zone. And as I go through the pictures I pick, pick, pick at this or that. I drive myself nuts with it. So I started photoshopping, nothing major, a little smoothing here, eye brightening there, maybe a blemish removal (don't get me started on adult acne). I do this so I will focus on the beauty instead of picking at the little things that others wouldn't even probably notice. I welcome your thoughts on this, Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Do you photoshop?

Hey I needed a snack I guess?! LOL

Something else I'd like to talk about for a quick minute. Why as women is it so hard for us to encourage each other instead of tearing each other down? Why do we base beauty on such ridiculous standards?
You like my "I totally slept in these braids"?


Well here is what I have to say to YOU, yes you reading my dorky post on the other side of the are beautiful, no matter what color your hair is (or if its been washed haha), you are beautiful even if you are still rockin your jammies at 3 in the afternoon, You are beautiful no matter what color your eyes are, if your wearing make up or not, you are beautiful even if your clothes aren't the newest hipster style, or your sporting an awesome zit smack dab in the middle of your forehead.


There I feel better, and dammit I hope you do too! Im not sure what to give you for deets on the ensemble, mostly thrifted (well except  my over the shoulder boulder holder and bloomers cause thats just weird) & minnetonka mocs (Im so obsessed you have no idea)

I hope your having a fan-fuckin-tabulous day gorgeous, cause you deserve it ;)
xo the rebel

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY vday storage/gift bucket

Yet another dorky insta pic DIY...

I'm not sure exactly what to call this little guy....well other than marker bucket cause thats what I used it for. But I think I may make another one to put the railroaders t-shirt I bought him for valentines day in, instead of wrapping it in the traditional way ;)
Frickin awesome right?!?! Go to passivejuicemotel on etsy and get yours!! They can order extended sizes even!!

So the railroader, awesomely epic man that he is, brought me home this ginormous bag of bitchin markers. I mean HUGE, every color imaginable, badass art markers!! I was so excited I may have squealed like a pimple faced teenage girl at a New Kids on the Block concert ;) Oh wait......that was the 90's. LOL

And caffeine junky that I am, I had just emptied yet another creamer container (yup I drink enough to buy the costco bulk version of creamer) and thought why not use this to hold all these wonderful markers!! But I couldn't just leave it all dorky right? I had to dress it up, it was mandatory ;)
So out with the trusty wood grain contact paper, some masking tape, and some crafty beatch ingenuity.....
I popped the lid off and wrapped the bucket with the contact paper, smoothing as i went around and used a pocket knife (because i couldn't find my damn exacto knife) to trim the edges. And yes if you've read through any of my other dorky DIYs you'd see a definite pattern of me not being able to find shit and making do with some other ridiculous tool/supply. What can I say it's how I roll;)
I had the idea that I wanted it to look like a tree with a heart carving in it. And although I have enough washi tape to gag a cat, nothing really looked like "carving" color. Sooo eureka! regular old masking tape, perfect color, wrong size. So I just cut thin stripes  to get what I wanted.
Using tape on contact paper is really forgiving so you can mess with and move it very easily. I was going for clr (color) + me = love. Not to be confused with CLR the cleaning product...LOL. I didn't anticipate how hard it would be to get a complete shot of it. Hence to two sided pic. You can make it say anything! Like I said I think I will make another for the t-shirt and maybe put our initials on it!

Bonus! All the markers actually fit!!
Okay okay so super easy and super dorky. I feel a little bad about even call it a DIY, but hey whatever. Go big or go home. Now go drink hoards of coffee, order yourself a shirt & stuff it in a bucket <3
xo the Rebel

Friday, February 8, 2013

SAHM i am style

So this is the day after my epic fail of a short get a way. Feeling slightly sheepish for my foul mouth and equally foul attitude the day before. And bless my railroaders heart, he decided today he would do everything i his power to make me smile.....ahhh what a man. So first stop, Pickle Barrel for an epic Mushroom Cheese Steak sandwich to share. OMG good. Really there are not words in the English dictionary to describe this heaven on a hoagie.
And then off to treasure hunt in various different thrift coves...and the shit you find thrifting!!!Lol
And then a quick stop before home to get some beer cheese soup, so mama didn't have to cook ;)!!

so here's what I wore...I know, had to show you everything else first.


Nothing fancy...road trip wear. My new ombre heart shirt scored from the Target clearance rack, my wanna be UGGs, and my holy jeans(i love me some ripped up jeans always have, ever since i was young and Tiffany was the shit) 

"and then you put your arms around me, and we tumble to the ground, and then you say.....I think we're alone now...." LMAO you know I had to:)

xo the Rebel

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project 365 w.5

 week 5

You get a double dose this time around. I have been taking photos of EVERYTHING!! Driving everyone nuts and probably making them think Ive gone nuts.....But I don't care because I love what I'm getting out of it! Even documenting the not so wonderful days. Like, i don't know, driving 3 hrs out of town to meet up with a friend who bags out last minute, and ending up stranded at a ski lodge for 6 hrs with nothing but Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Chateau to keep me company?!?! Or maybe the fraggle rock hair do that had to be contained for public safety? Or maybe the railroader doing his best to be a human snowball...hahahha, Ooooooh or my new favorite adult beverage, Angry Orchard cider...mmmmmm. Or even prompting me to look at my ultimate DIY in the garage and renew my desire to get to work on it....
See what I mean? And this is just a small smattering (lovely word ,no?) of what I have between phone and camera. Jeez, who knew this little new years goal would spark such an obsession? I've even "met" some cool new folks via IG. That sounds so weird, to "meet" people through social networking. Makes me feel this old:
xo the Rebel

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life ain't no walk in the park.....

But this little adventure was......

I sit here staring at my screen well before dawn. The light is just starting to change and my body and I are NOT speaking at the moment. You see, it has decided to take perverse joy in getting me up well before the sun. Every damned day! No matter what time I finally flop into bed...there it is. That damned internal alarm clock, and even though I wildly spaz around searching......I just can't ever find the damn snooze button(go ahead and laugh but you know what I'm talking about). Bovine Feces I say. So on to the story of my little adventure.......


Thank you to our dear friend/neighbor for getting me out of the house finally. And *gasp* actually making me go for a walk. Oh my, it was so beautiful out. Even in it's wintry blanket of snow. Little did I know that just a few short miles from my door step existed this wonderful wildlife refuge!!

And apparently all kinds of birds migrate through here. Thousands of bird enthusiasts "flock" (pun intended) here to watch the hundreds of different species. I couldn't help but take photos of our  beautiful friend as she is a beautiful little bird herself;)

The crystallized snow was really cool! And the view *sigh*.......

These little berries caught my eye, the bright shiny orbs shined like a beacon against the white snow. And I even got a botany lesson on rose hips.

What a refreshing break from the norm of cook, clean, craft, laundry, repeat. And again I'm reminded of how even a short walk does wonders for my state of mind....

xo the Rebel

Friday, February 1, 2013

5 lil know fact v.2

Are ya ready for round 2 of useless information about me? Here ya go..........

Being outdoors was a big part of my life from the very beginning

  1. I grew up honest to blog biker trash. My dad had a custom Harley shop waaaaaay before the Jesse James of the world made it cool.
Most kids got bedtime stories, I got to look at scooter parts catalogs :)

2. I did NOT successfully learn to crochet until my mid 20's. My grandma tried many times growing up. It wasn't until my grandpa passed and we sat in their recliners in the living room for hours talking, crying & hooking that I finally got it.
couldn't help myself, all these pictures make me smile

3. Growing up I always wanted to be a voice for those that couldn't stand up for themselves. And I actually went to college majoring in business communications/pre-law with minors in both political science and sociology. I quite after 3.5 years. That's a whole other story....

4. I was a cheerleader in jr. high. I was kicked off the team for speaking out against the coach (see first part of #3 lol)

5.I have an irrational & paralyzing phobia of snakes due to a traumatic experience as a wee one.
xo the Rebel