Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Peachy....pie that is

Hello home slices (punny) what's baking?

 So yesterday after an "eggsplosion" in my oven I decided I needed a non-cookfail. And a lovely commenter had suggested that I write about what makes ME  happy here in my little corner of the internet. Well.... pie makes me happy. Very very happy indeed. And I decided to get a little crazy with the cheese whiz. Not literally, that would be gross. Well maybe not? They did use to put cheddar pie on Apple pie....I digress.

 I decided to experiment with the filling a bit to amp the peach flavor and try out some mad kitchen chemistry. And after a piece for breakfast (don't judge me you know you've done it too LOL) I am happy to share the delicious results with you!!

 This is my go to for base of a lot of my kitchen science.

 It of course isn't the "new" version. It's the fifth printing, so if anyone wants to google it they can find out the year and share with the rest of the class. It's old, I can tell you that. Like when they still weren't too lazy to sift the ingredients together. Just look at the illustrations, man I just love them! And some of the tips in here totally crack me up.

So here's the crust recipe I use and the simple lattice top.

Really simple: 2 cups sifted flour 1tsp salt 2/3c shortening (I use butter) 5 to 7 tbsp cold!!! water

 Now onto the filling:

 I let my peaches sit out at room temperature until they were completely thawed. Mix together, dump into your pie crust, & do your magic lattice top. I always brush the tops of my pies with egg white. Not necessary but I like the finish ;) Bake at 350 for 35 min. Just watch your pie!! Crust will turn a nice brown and the filling will be thick and bubbly.

Just Peachy!! Now enjoy a piece for breakfast and tell me all about it. On a side note, have you seen these recipe cards from paintedarrow? OMG to die for...go check them out!!
Happy Baking Folks!

xo the Rebel

PS- sorry about the small pics, blogger is being a dick :(

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