Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project 365 w.5

 week 5

You get a double dose this time around. I have been taking photos of EVERYTHING!! Driving everyone nuts and probably making them think Ive gone nuts.....But I don't care because I love what I'm getting out of it! Even documenting the not so wonderful days. Like, i don't know, driving 3 hrs out of town to meet up with a friend who bags out last minute, and ending up stranded at a ski lodge for 6 hrs with nothing but Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Chateau to keep me company?!?! Or maybe the fraggle rock hair do that had to be contained for public safety? Or maybe the railroader doing his best to be a human snowball...hahahha, Ooooooh or my new favorite adult beverage, Angry Orchard cider...mmmmmm. Or even prompting me to look at my ultimate DIY in the garage and renew my desire to get to work on it....
See what I mean? And this is just a small smattering (lovely word ,no?) of what I have between phone and camera. Jeez, who knew this little new years goal would spark such an obsession? I've even "met" some cool new folks via IG. That sounds so weird, to "meet" people through social networking. Makes me feel this old:
xo the Rebel

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  1. Meeting people through IG and then falling madly in love with their radness and bizarre twin-like mutual admiration is pretty fkn gay. xo