Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life ain't no walk in the park.....

But this little adventure was......

I sit here staring at my screen well before dawn. The light is just starting to change and my body and I are NOT speaking at the moment. You see, it has decided to take perverse joy in getting me up well before the sun. Every damned day! No matter what time I finally flop into bed...there it is. That damned internal alarm clock, and even though I wildly spaz around searching......I just can't ever find the damn snooze button(go ahead and laugh but you know what I'm talking about). Bovine Feces I say. So on to the story of my little adventure.......


Thank you to our dear friend/neighbor for getting me out of the house finally. And *gasp* actually making me go for a walk. Oh my, it was so beautiful out. Even in it's wintry blanket of snow. Little did I know that just a few short miles from my door step existed this wonderful wildlife refuge!!

And apparently all kinds of birds migrate through here. Thousands of bird enthusiasts "flock" (pun intended) here to watch the hundreds of different species. I couldn't help but take photos of our  beautiful friend as she is a beautiful little bird herself;)

The crystallized snow was really cool! And the view *sigh*.......

These little berries caught my eye, the bright shiny orbs shined like a beacon against the white snow. And I even got a botany lesson on rose hips.

What a refreshing break from the norm of cook, clean, craft, laundry, repeat. And again I'm reminded of how even a short walk does wonders for my state of mind....

xo the Rebel


  1. Looks like a wonderful walk! The photos of your friend are really pretty too!

    1. Thank you and it was!! I actually just took another lil adventure yesterday and will post pics. It was....well im not sure there's even words to describe it ;)

      Xo the rebel