Friday, February 1, 2013

5 lil know fact v.2

Are ya ready for round 2 of useless information about me? Here ya go..........

Being outdoors was a big part of my life from the very beginning

  1. I grew up honest to blog biker trash. My dad had a custom Harley shop waaaaaay before the Jesse James of the world made it cool.
Most kids got bedtime stories, I got to look at scooter parts catalogs :)

2. I did NOT successfully learn to crochet until my mid 20's. My grandma tried many times growing up. It wasn't until my grandpa passed and we sat in their recliners in the living room for hours talking, crying & hooking that I finally got it.
couldn't help myself, all these pictures make me smile

3. Growing up I always wanted to be a voice for those that couldn't stand up for themselves. And I actually went to college majoring in business communications/pre-law with minors in both political science and sociology. I quite after 3.5 years. That's a whole other story....

4. I was a cheerleader in jr. high. I was kicked off the team for speaking out against the coach (see first part of #3 lol)

5.I have an irrational & paralyzing phobia of snakes due to a traumatic experience as a wee one.
xo the Rebel

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