Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY vday storage/gift bucket

Yet another dorky insta pic DIY...

I'm not sure exactly what to call this little guy....well other than marker bucket cause thats what I used it for. But I think I may make another one to put the railroaders t-shirt I bought him for valentines day in, instead of wrapping it in the traditional way ;)
Frickin awesome right?!?! Go to passivejuicemotel on etsy and get yours!! They can order extended sizes even!!

So the railroader, awesomely epic man that he is, brought me home this ginormous bag of bitchin markers. I mean HUGE, every color imaginable, badass art markers!! I was so excited I may have squealed like a pimple faced teenage girl at a New Kids on the Block concert ;) Oh wait......that was the 90's. LOL

And caffeine junky that I am, I had just emptied yet another creamer container (yup I drink enough to buy the costco bulk version of creamer) and thought why not use this to hold all these wonderful markers!! But I couldn't just leave it all dorky right? I had to dress it up, it was mandatory ;)
So out with the trusty wood grain contact paper, some masking tape, and some crafty beatch ingenuity.....
I popped the lid off and wrapped the bucket with the contact paper, smoothing as i went around and used a pocket knife (because i couldn't find my damn exacto knife) to trim the edges. And yes if you've read through any of my other dorky DIYs you'd see a definite pattern of me not being able to find shit and making do with some other ridiculous tool/supply. What can I say it's how I roll;)
I had the idea that I wanted it to look like a tree with a heart carving in it. And although I have enough washi tape to gag a cat, nothing really looked like "carving" color. Sooo eureka! regular old masking tape, perfect color, wrong size. So I just cut thin stripes  to get what I wanted.
Using tape on contact paper is really forgiving so you can mess with and move it very easily. I was going for clr (color) + me = love. Not to be confused with CLR the cleaning product...LOL. I didn't anticipate how hard it would be to get a complete shot of it. Hence to two sided pic. You can make it say anything! Like I said I think I will make another for the t-shirt and maybe put our initials on it!

Bonus! All the markers actually fit!!
Okay okay so super easy and super dorky. I feel a little bad about even call it a DIY, but hey whatever. Go big or go home. Now go drink hoards of coffee, order yourself a shirt & stuff it in a bucket <3
xo the Rebel

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