Saturday, February 23, 2013

SAHM i am style

Ahh yes, I really do enjoy these. Im getting better at using my big girl camera on myself. Although I can only imagine how dorky I look setting the timer and running to pose in front of the lens;)
This is my Ewok with a stache impression ;)

So lets talk photoshop for a brief second.... I read a post the other day about a blogger mama catching hell for posting a pic on IG and then photoshopping herself in the blog version. First off who the hell cares? I photoshop my selfies; typically only the big girl camera ones, my phone photos usually only get a basic IG filter &  usually because of shit lighting. Why do I photoshop? At the risk of sounding like a bitch, it's not for you. It's for me. As I'm sure all of you women readers out there can relate, WE ARE OUR WORST CRITICS. I've always hated having my picture taken so this is way outside my comfort zone. And as I go through the pictures I pick, pick, pick at this or that. I drive myself nuts with it. So I started photoshopping, nothing major, a little smoothing here, eye brightening there, maybe a blemish removal (don't get me started on adult acne). I do this so I will focus on the beauty instead of picking at the little things that others wouldn't even probably notice. I welcome your thoughts on this, Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Do you photoshop?

Hey I needed a snack I guess?! LOL

Something else I'd like to talk about for a quick minute. Why as women is it so hard for us to encourage each other instead of tearing each other down? Why do we base beauty on such ridiculous standards?
You like my "I totally slept in these braids"?


Well here is what I have to say to YOU, yes you reading my dorky post on the other side of the are beautiful, no matter what color your hair is (or if its been washed haha), you are beautiful even if you are still rockin your jammies at 3 in the afternoon, You are beautiful no matter what color your eyes are, if your wearing make up or not, you are beautiful even if your clothes aren't the newest hipster style, or your sporting an awesome zit smack dab in the middle of your forehead.


There I feel better, and dammit I hope you do too! Im not sure what to give you for deets on the ensemble, mostly thrifted (well except  my over the shoulder boulder holder and bloomers cause thats just weird) & minnetonka mocs (Im so obsessed you have no idea)

I hope your having a fan-fuckin-tabulous day gorgeous, cause you deserve it ;)
xo the rebel


  1. Why are you so hilar? I love the pics and I totally agree. I just wish I knew how to use Photoshop so if my Spanx are showing I'm like...oh well I'm chubby there's the Spanx.

    xo ak

  2. I'm just looking at this again thinking of how rad you are. That's right..I'm creepy.

  3. I love your braids!

    I have very few photos of myself but I always do a little editing of all my photos just to adjust the saturation or lighting or whatever to make them a little more exciting. But even if I were erasing my zits or whitening my teeth or something I don't get why some internet stranger would be so invested in seeing me au naturel or not. What does it matter to you as a reader of a blog/twitter feed? Ugh, some people.