Friday, February 8, 2013

SAHM i am style

So this is the day after my epic fail of a short get a way. Feeling slightly sheepish for my foul mouth and equally foul attitude the day before. And bless my railroaders heart, he decided today he would do everything i his power to make me smile.....ahhh what a man. So first stop, Pickle Barrel for an epic Mushroom Cheese Steak sandwich to share. OMG good. Really there are not words in the English dictionary to describe this heaven on a hoagie.
And then off to treasure hunt in various different thrift coves...and the shit you find thrifting!!!Lol
And then a quick stop before home to get some beer cheese soup, so mama didn't have to cook ;)!!

so here's what I wore...I know, had to show you everything else first.


Nothing fancy...road trip wear. My new ombre heart shirt scored from the Target clearance rack, my wanna be UGGs, and my holy jeans(i love me some ripped up jeans always have, ever since i was young and Tiffany was the shit) 

"and then you put your arms around me, and we tumble to the ground, and then you say.....I think we're alone now...." LMAO you know I had to:)

xo the Rebel

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