Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY sweater re-vamp with peter pan collar

Second star to the right and straight on to morning.......

Somehow I find cutting shit up is therapeutic. I'll just call it my mend and make do rehab. Maybe I'm just crazy. Quite possible. Anyway, I found this really cute butter colored cardi at the thrift store for a whopping $2. It was a bit plain but for a few bucks I figured I could make it work.
I've been kind of obsessed with the whole peter pan collar craze. So once again I went digging around in my stash of crafty goods to see what I could come up with to give my little sweater a new trendy look. And here's what I came up with:
A crochet pillow sham
some itty bitty lace
and a white sheet
First I cut 2 scallops from the edge of the pillow sham. I then cut through the center so I had two separate pieces.
yes those are kitchen shears, i couldn't find my scissors don't judge

I traced around my scallop onto a piece of paper adding a seam allowance. This was now my pattern to cut from my white sheet. Cut four, sew two together leaving the top portion open to flip. Then sew your scallop onto the your turned "sheet" piece. Again leaving the top part open and MAKE SURE each scallop faces an opposite way or you will end up 2 of the same side collar!! After you have both scallops sewn to your sheet pieces, turn the each top in and sew through all layers. You now have two  finished collar pieces.
Attach your collar pieces to your sweater collar with a straight stitch. At this point I didn't care for how the collar popped up and the stop and start of yellow to white. So I dug up a darning needle and some white yarn and used a blanket stitch all the way around the entire collar of the cardi. Problem fixed, now it lays flat like it should and looks cohesive instead of choppy.


Now line the lace up with the edge of the cardi and use a straight stitch to attach. Try not to pull to much on your sweater or it will pucker. Unless of course this is a look you want, then get on with your bad self ;) Repeat for the other edge.

I used my darning needle and my white yarn again to do a running stitch just inside the edge of the lace for a little extra detail.


And because I burned your retinas with my last SAHM i am post, I figured I'd give you a more pleasant selfie this time.......
Now when I re-read through these tuts I'm never sure if I'm making sense. So if there is something that seems off just let me know and I will try to explain better;)
Happy Crafting Folks
xo the Rebel

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