Friday, January 11, 2013

WIP it...wip it good...

just in case your not aware WIP definition: works in progress. And now you will have that song stuck in your head all day, I'm sorry ;)

I have a confession. I have creative ADHD. I usually have a least five projects going at once and a billion ideas rolling around in my noggin just waiting to burst out. I have diagnosed myself with CMD : Crafty Manic Disorder. Hahaha, but's a little look into what Ive been flitting about working on the last week:

  1. Ahh yes, the angry bird. He was supposed to be the dorky dogs xmas present. You see, the dorky dog has an obsession with all things angry bird. Quite entertaining really. All I need to do is attach the danm eyes and I just can't make myself sit for 2 seconds and do it.
  2. Map paper flower making with my girls! It was this project that made me start the "oh my stars" feature this week. I KNOW i've seen a hanging pendant made with folded maps. But, do you think I could find it? Hell no, i tried everything, very search phrase imaginable, months of starred posts in my reader. Couldn't find it ANYWHERE. So I made up my own using a flower tutorial I found and decided a weekly round-up of inspiration will help me keep better track of stuff I want to do. At least in theory.
  3. OMG cutest boot socks ever!!!! So easy ,and I can't wait to share all the goody info (including where I found the BEST crochet sock pattern in the history of crochet).
  4. I finally had an idea of what to do with this, and Im very excited to share this too! Just have to round up all the photos and write up the post...
  5. The wee stalin has been home sick so we made dyed tissue paper dahlias. We made an epic mess and have the stains to prove it. But they turned out awesome and we had fun despite the dang sniffles.
  6. I've been trying to write posts while being distracted by random shoutings of "The Map!!!"
So what are you up to?
xo the Rebel

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