Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Blog Idea Journal

This lil book of mine, I scribble all the time.....

Well hello there. I put together a little nerdy how-to for ya. I got tired of jotting down ideas on random scraps of what nots and then losing them so I made this journal using what I had laying around and decided to share!

What you'll need:

  • a composition  notebook
  • contact paper
  • small glitter alpha stickers
  • single fold bias tape (ribbon would work too)
  • light bulb box...ummm yeah you read that right
  • washi tape
  • markers
  • writer paint
  • small photo
  • cute paper clips
  • craft glue (i suggest 3M craft adhesive it's the best I've found)
  • sewing machine
  • & a bored outta her gourd "I don't wanna do laundry" mama :)
First line up your contact paper to the edge of the binding and trim to the edges of the cover. I found my rotary cutter worked fantastic for this part since it allowed for a right to the edge, clean cut. Cover both front and back of your notebook.

Add small glitter alpha stickers to the binding on the front with whatever stricks your fancy.

Cut the light bulb image from your box and  a piece to cover it, with whatever cute paper you have laying around. I made sure the screw in part was still showing (that sounds so technical lol). Glue paper to cardboard and sew around the outside. If you didn't know that you can sew paper on your machine, you do now. And it really is fun!! If your a dork like me Ha

Now sew around the outside edges of your covered notebook. I did this because I wanted to ensure the contact paper stayed down, I like the border it made, and I really really enjoy sewing paper :)

Cut a small piece of bias tape. Fold your tape to make a loop big enough to slide your pen in. Sew a small stitchline across, catching both ends of your tape to the INSIDE of your front cover.

Now glue your bulb and small picture to the front of your notebook.

* side note- I really really love this glue. However it can get plugged with dried bits and it's a real pain in the a** to get out. The best fix i've found for this is to put a pin in it and then the cover when your storing.

Draw a word bubble around your light bulb and then use the writer paint to go over it. I only did this because nothing else seemed to want to stay on the contact paper. In the end I really liked the 3D effect it gave my word bubble.

Place a piece of washi tape under your pic and write Ideas ( which btw I spelled wrong the first time *snort*)

And for little bits of goodness to keep your ideas catagorized: Use short pieces of washi tape around one side of your paper clip to make tabs. Now I realize this is not some new earth shattering idea. I think you can even buy pre-made ones at the craft store. But im using what I have here per goal #8 on my resolution list ;)

Bonus- the front flap of your composition book has a nice little planner for blog features!! I decided to put another picture on the inside of the back cover too. Feet pic haters be damned lol.

Now fill 'er' up with ideas and post away!!

xo the Rebel

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  1. Cute! I love all the different elements, especially stitching onto the cover