Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 lil known facts about me V.1

So in an effort to stick to my commitment to being real on my corner of the interwebs, I introduce my first "feature":

5 Lil Know Facts About Me 

  1. I <3 to travel and have been to 24 of the 50 states. And have been to D.C and had to look up why it's not considered a state. Ha
  2. I have a serious aversion to peanut butter; as in I gag when I open the jar. But my favorite candy is Reese Pieces. I know, I know the Railroader thinks this is weird too.
  3. I made my first full sized quilt when I was 9. And finished within minutes of having to leave for the county fair for it to be entered. And in case your wondering, I received a red ribbon because the judge felt it looked rushed.Lol
  4. My maternal grandfather was an Episcopalian minister. He is no longer with us and I miss him dearly. :(
  5. Music is a huge deal in our house. We have 5 guitars, a clarinet, and a cello. I play the clarinet and piano. Sadly we don't have space for a piano.Maybe someday.  
Have a great Sunday folks
xo the Rebel

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