Saturday, January 5, 2013

Well what I am to do with you......

So, since there are dishes to be done I decided trying my hand at a cathedral block sounded like much more fun. Im diggin it so far actually. And like I've heard, it really is like fabric oragami (which I totally suck at the paper oragami btw). But this I can get into. Plus Im a sucker for hand stitching yes even after Mr. Jimi.
But wth am I supposed to do with it afterwards? I don't want to make a pincushion, EVERYONE has made a pincushion. I need another  quilt like I need another hole in my face. Any ideas? I think it might need a tattoo in the center. We will see. It just needs to be something......
If anyone is reading I'd love some input :)
xo the Rebel

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