Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project 365 w.4

 week 4
 Despite being ill I'm hanging in there on this new years goal. And still  loving it. I've found some new nifty photo apps for making grids, adding text and even handwriting to my phone photos (why is this so damn hard to do on a touch screen?!?) Gave me something to do while I was holding down the couch amongst my sea of wadded up tissues. Well that and watching Being Human on netflix. I did make up some crafty shit too and if I ever get around to taking pictures I will happily share.
On a bright note my spelling seems to have improved, that or my spell check is malfunctioning, LOL. And guess what? The February photo a day challenge is up on FatMumSlim, go check it out and join up! I'm off for an exciting date day with the railroader...we will be grocery shopping. What adventurers we are :P
xo the Rebel

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