Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Introducing SAHM I am style......

I am a dork for outfit posts! I love them, and 90% of the time I am in mama uniform aka. sweats, slippers and bed head....So I thought it might be fun to do some outfit posts of my own and give myself a reason to actually get dressed! Hooray :) And since "embracing the new me" is on the 2013 goal list and I want to take part in the whole 365 project craze this is a total score in the goal checklist column!!

So a little bit about this whole embracing the new me goal. In the last  year I lost a lot of weight. I mean like an entire small person amount of weight. And before anyone asks no, I don't have some magic trick, or awesome diet. I can say it was alot of walking and an extreme amount of stress. I started walking not for exercise but as a frustration release. Before I knew it I was walking between 4-6 miles a day(Since our big move from city living to the funny farm I haven't been walking, sad face). And then I don't know exactly what happened, the stress I guess just flipped a switch inside and food started making me really really sick. It sucks, I like food. I really really like food. It's slowly getting better and I need to get back to walking. But Im left with this body that I am not at all familiar with. I feel weird in my own skin. So I figure these "SAHM i am style" posts will help me see that I am still in fact in here and it's not some case of the body

 Now please keep in mind Im no fashionista, most  times it will be function over fashion. And I'm struggling with learning how to take self portraits. Like in a big way , so for starters they will be phone pics and basically like one of those cheezy picture puzzles. My apologies in advance ;)

So here's my first installment: I am "Snow" angel (haha get it? im no im a nerd)



Right now it's layers and layers and more layers because it is Brrrrrr cold outside. I mean snot freezes in your nose cold. Now I know there are skinny jean & boot  haters out there. But hear me out. I hate the bottom hem of my pants getting wet, I mean it makes me want to hulk out and smash things. And.....since I've lost so much weight I can actually wear skinny jeans and the boots actually zip over my leg. So it's a bit of a novelty for me;)
A bit of behind the scenes....I ran (i mean that literally) outside for all of 4 minutes and shot some quick photos before my eyes teared up from cold and froze my freshly applied lashes together and my bulbous highlander nose turned bright red (thanks dad for the Scottish heritage) .I didn't do my hair, I hardly ever do. Especially since it's so damn cold i wear a hat (even inside!) I did however put fake lashes on, why? IDK it seemed like a fun idea at the time and I saw this tutorial on how to put them on and wanted to see if it worked....Happy to report it does!! So go check it out and rock some falsies even if your snowed in and the only one that sees is your netflix account :) 

xo the Rebel

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