Monday, January 28, 2013

SAHM i am style


Reality check.....

Lately I have grown a sincere appreciation for REAL bloggers. By real I mean real women, with real bodies, with real true talent, with real life issues, with real personalities. Just REAL. Am I making sense? Maybe not, could be cold med induced idiocy. Now I'm not saying that blogs should be a huge whine fest that's not something I would enjoy, but it's nice to know that these women are real, not fake always put together flawless barbie dolls that never fail. These women are people, people I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with and bs the day away. Here's a few that I really enjoy.......
See what I mean....REAL
That really got me thinking. I've been wanting to post another SAHM i am style but I've been sick, we all have been sick. So getting all put together just wasn't in the cards. And then I had a moment of clarity.......why do I feel the need to get dressed up just to do a post? That's not REAL this week, this weeks reality is pjs, crusty nose, and mountains of Kleenex! I want to be real here, this is my place, I have nothing to prove to anyone, that's not me. In real life I'm not that kind of girl, I'm the either you like me or you get the fk out of my kitchen kind of girl. So I decided to keep it real. (are you sick of that word yet?)
Here ya go, me in all my snot fountain, fevery, haven't slept in 2 days, glory.
Enjoy, laugh, gag, whatever. It's the real me ;)
Nice, thumb photo bomb lol

Can't leave out the "There's something about Mary" bangs :0
Now Im not saying I won't get dressed up to do SAHM i am posts. I will, because I like to. And I do enjoy reading blogs that do that. It's fun. But I do like the honesty in the posts, I do like that they are real woman with real figures. So for this week its just a reality check :) Hope everyone else is healthy and happy...I wouldn't wish this shit on anyone!

xo the Rebel

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  1. I enjoy your thoughts on keeping it real. I'm all for more authentic blogging from all.
    Love your work,
    Mel :)