Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fruity Crisp

I know I kinda disappeared for a bit but I've been sick :( Actually all 5 of us got it and of course staggered so it's been a lovely couple of weeks. I'm so ready for spring! On that thought why not some berry goodness to perk us up?

Fruity Crisp

Totally sounds like a breakfast cereal, doesn't it! Here's my theory...if  you eat it warm with vanilla ice cream that melts over the ooy gooy goodness then it's kinda like cereal and milk. Which justifies it as a breakfast food, Right?!?! Right!

Alrighty I totally pulled this recipe outta my a** so if it sucks I'm sorry. I tend to be a bit of a mad kitchen chemist making sh*t up as i go;) I've been making an effort to write my recipes down per the gypsy prince's request. Although my theory is if I don't tell him how to make it he'll never move too far away so he can come home to eat...lmao. Right, the kid can cook like no body's business who the hell am I trying to fool.
 I typically don't measure but I did put an effort in this time to keep track..... Here's what ya need:

First you want to cook "down" your fruit. As I've said before I have the patience of a 2 year old. So I threw my sugar and frozen fruit in a pan  and simmered it until I had this-
Think fruit soup, that's about what it is. Once you have your "soup" nice and warm and bubbly slowly add your cornstarch slurry. (Guess I should elaborate....cornstarch slurry: 2tbsp cornstarch in idk 1/4c. of cold water) LMAO this is shaping up swell huh.
Continue stirring and simmering your "soup" until it's nice and thick. Almost a gel consistency. Set aside and now mix up your topping (well actually i sprinkled a bit on the bottom of the pan too so it'd be top and bottom lol).
Mix all your dry ingredients together first(oats,flour,brown sugar,spices,walnuts). Then cut in your butter until you have a nice crumb texture. You can omit the walnuts if you wish but I really like the crunch factor it adds to the crust. 
Sprinkle a small amount on the bottom of your pan, then pour your fruit "soup" on top. Then sprinkle the remaining topping over. Here's where the honey come into play. I warmed mine up for a few seconds in the microwave and drizzled it over the top of my crust. YUM
Throw it in the oven and bake @ 350 for 35 minutes  or so. Basically until it is nice and brown and the filling is bubbly. Yeah, I usually don't time things either. (Okay so the railroader is sitting here watching me try to write this and remember how long I cooked it and what i put in it and laughing his a** off at me. He says "you got some bugs to work out in the whole recipe writing thing"....what a brat)
Now enjoy with a big a** scoop of vanilla ice cream! Breakfast of champions!!
xo the Rebel

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