Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY arrow necklace

Well hello, whatcha been up to? We've been bed ridden over here. One word...FLU. Yuck. Despite being on a strict diet of 7-up I still have been crafty,  albeit in bed watching countless hours of Netflix.

Found here, here, and this last one was on amazon but is now gone
I've been lusting after these type of necklaces for some time now. But the price tags and my strict adherence to no frivolous spending had me just wishing. Until I had the grand idea (in between retched I can't move moments) to make my own. I went digging through my crafty mountain of supplies to see what I had to build it. And here's what I came up with:

  • craft wire
  • gold nail polish
  • an old necklace to de-construct
yep, that's a ramen noodle box ;)
I drew an arrow on a piece of cardboard with the intention on of using pins as a guide for my wire. Well that was an epic fail. So I just bent and twisted my shape free hand. I started with a long-ish (remember I suck at measuring) piece of my craft wire. I used a crochet hook to bend my wire in half around and twisted to give me the first loop. Then I split the wire and formed a triangle, again twisting at the bottom of my triangle. Continue twisting to form the shaft of your arrow. Split the wire again to form the quills (had to ask the railroader what the feathers on an arrow are called haha). After each quill twist your wires together. At the end use your crochet hook to twist around forming your last loop and clip the ends. I used a pair of needle nose pliers (pilfered from the railroaders tool box) to flatten my quills and loops.

After I had my arrow complete i decided it needed to be gold. After a search through my paint box I realized I had nothing shiny. So onto the nail polish stash. SCORE!!! I just painted both front and back with multiple layers, allowing it to completely dry in between. Thank god for express dry nail polish, cause I have the patience of a 2 year old in a toys-r-us ;)

Then I just de-constructed a necklace I already had attaching a jump ring to both loops on my arrow and viola!!!

What do you think? Maybe its dorky but I dig it. And I didn't spend a dime!! Im really quite proud of myself for sticking to my new years goal of using what I have. How are you doing with yours?

Happy Crafting :)

xo the Rebel

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