Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweater Upcycle!

If you want to destroy my sweater...pull this thread as I walk away.....

Random dorky song references is something you'll have to endure often here at rXr ;)

Soooo.....I had great plans of sharing this epic tutorial on a sweater that I modified. Had being the key word. I kinda feel like it was more of an epic craft fail. That could be because I struggled most of the day trying to get a good pic of it on without looking like a bloated whale. Or it could just truly suck....jury is still out on that one. But I decided since I worked so hard on it, I would post it anyhow:)

This lil (insert sarcasm) lovely was a thrift score, brand new still had the tags. I loved the colors and the argyle. I'm a total sucker for cardigans but it was HUGE! I mean so ginormous I could fit the railroader in it with me....hmmmm railroader in oatmeal & pink argyle lol. So revamp it is:

Cut pieces of crocheted lace the length of your sweater from armpit to waist band. I started with just one and ended up adding more because it was still to big. You could use any width, it really depends on how big your sweater is and how much you want it to cinch up. I think this would work well for a sweater that actually fit too. The lace will just show more.

Use fray stop to seal the edges of your lace so it doesn't come unraveled when you wash it. Clear nail polish works too if your in a hurry and don't want to go to the store :)

Pin it down to your sweater, centering it over the side seam. Sew all the way around the edges, I used a straight stitch on the sides and zigzag on the ends. Keep in mind you don't want to pull on the sweater or it will stretch and get all wonky on you.

Using a thin coordinating ribbon and a darning needle start at the armpit of your sweater. Use the holes in your crocheted lace as your ribbon guides going first through one side then the other. Make sure you give yourself enough ribbon to work down both sides!! I didn't measure it out, I suck at measuring :) But I would guess I spaced it about and 1.5".

Once you have both sides of your crocheted piece laced with your ribbon pull as snug as you need it to make it fit properly and tie yourself a cute little bow at the bottom. I double knotted mine and cut the extra ends off.

Now repeat for the other side of your sweater and there you have it! An upcycled sweater with a peek-a-boo lace side seam. Yay!! Im toying with the idea of adding doily pockets too :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek. Let me know what you think if you wouldn't mind. I won't be offended. And if you try one of your own leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out!

xo the Rebel


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