Friday, January 4, 2013

Total Disappointment and Left with a sick feeling.....

So I stayed up WAY to late and I'm sad to report for not good reasons. By complete accident I discovered that a blog I've been following has been stealing ideas from other creative souls and claiming it as their own. Now, I don't make this statement lightly. I did my research, verified the examples and even read comments from those who have had their ideas stolen. And even some who have worked with this particular blog and been totally screwed over. Yes there was just some hate out there too but Im good at filtering through the BS and found the valid claims. Hence why I was up most the night.
I'm not going to name names. I figure if I (who am a total tech tard and not very interweb savvy) found this information, others will too and it's not my place to out these posers. However, this is a subject that I feel strongly about and feel the need to say SOMETHING.
I myself have had to endure the pain of having someone else claim my work as their own. I agreed to make jewelery for a business owner not realizing that they were going to put their name on it and claim it as their creations. I had to sit through shows watching countless customers rave over "her" work and tell her how beautiful "her" pieces were and how creative she was. The straw that broke the camels back? An article in the local newspaper show casing one of "her" pieces in full color, great big picture front page of the Lifestyle section. I damn near vomited when I saw it. It was my creation! And one that I worked really REALLY hard on and was very proud of creating. And when I confronted her? She told me I was compensated for my work and that made it ok. Definitely contributed to my whole "I don't want to sell my creations" mentality. And forever changed me creatively. I no longer make jewelery AT ALL. I was never looking to become famous, or make hoards of money. But when I make something, it is mine. I put a lot of energy into my crafts and take great pride in the finished product.
So here's my commitment on my little corner of the Internet world-
  • If I make something inspired by someone else's idea, even if it's not exactly the same (as stated here I tend to veer from a set of instructions or pattern) I will ALWAYS link to where the idea came from originally. And give them the credit they are due!! And thank them for their inspiration.
  • If I make a tutorial, it's from my idea. Not just a regurgitation of someone else's post that I'm claiming as my own. I realize it's ridiculous to think somethings I come up with haven't also been thought of by someone else. The creative world is all about inspiration. But I vow to never steal an idea and pass it off as my own.
  • Furthermore I will not follow or read any blog that is passing off others ideas for page hits to line their pockets with thousands and thousands of dollars from big company ads and raping small indie businesses with outrageous sponsorship prices.(!!! omg I didn't realize what a lucrative business this whole blogging thing is)
    • *That being said, there are blogs that do support their families with big box ads. But they are HONEST about it and don't promote ANY business that they don't stand behind 100%. And alot of these HONEST bloggers pass on their sponsors free goodies to their readers as a thank you for supporting them. Not to mention they are BIG supporters of the small creative businesses!!
  • I will never claim to be a professional anything or the authority on anything! I will share tips or things that work for me, but I don't know it all and I am constantly learning with A LOT of help from other creative souls. All of whom deserve their due credit!
  • I will learn blogging etiquette by communicating with bloggers who have been doing it the RIGHT way. I am new to blogging and don't know all the ins & outs. I don't want to step on any toes and if I make a mistake I will hold myself accountable and rectify my blunder!
  • Most of all I will keep it REAL here. No fake BS. I do censor myself a bit so I don't mortally offend, but other than that I will stay true to who I am. Which includes not deleting every comment that may not be totally in line with my opinion. Your opinion matters too! I only ask that you keep it somewhat clean and hate free;)
Okay I will step off my soap box now and try to do something with my bedhead. hope you have a fabulous day and thank you for reading through my rant :)
xo the Rebel

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