Monday, December 31, 2012

Why Do I Want to start A blog? (its a long one & mushy)

I want to share my creative addiction with the world!! And have a way to document it so I can look back on it for even more guessed it to make bigger, better, badder stuff! Not to mention a way to hold myself accountable so I actually finish projects! Ha

Ive been making things for as long as I can remember. Always veering from a set of instructions/pattern to put my own spin on things. As an adult I continually hear my family and friends push me (encourage sounds nicer) to do something "More" with my creative flair instead of just giving it away. But here's the thing....I struggle with the idea of selling these things. Always have. I make these things, do these things because I <3 to, not because I have to or want something in return. It is the purest expression of love, kindness, and thoughtfulness. My way of giving back.

That's not saying that I have anything against other bloggers who have made a business of it. I think that is awesome! And since it also allows for alot of mamas(and papas as in the to stay at home with their babies. Its a win /win in my book. But for me personally I struggle.

Okay, so I'm not tooting my own horn but I hope this example of how I feel helps anyone (if anyone ever reads this) understand.......

these pre done pages are purchashed from danielle at

 A few years ago I kind of "fell" into a photography gig. I started taking photos regularly with large doses of inspiration from, a badas* canon that the railroader bought for me, and an endless supply of FREE actions and presets from I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A PROFESSIONAL and have nothing against professional photographers. There are a lot of very talented photographers out there that are worth every penny. For me it's just a hobby.

My good friend was planning a wedding and asked me to take the photos (& we ended up making her dress too!!)I wanted to do it, not for $, but because I loved her and wanted her to have beautiful mementos of her special day. I know how expensive professional photos can be. The Railroader and I could not afford professional photos of our wedding and it truly pains me that we do not have fabulous photos of our special day. So, I went for it and refused compensation despite her parents offering. I definitely was not prepared for the response to this gift. More requests for more photo shoots from more bride's to be! Blown away is all I can say. She had posted photos on her facebook and holyshnockrockers, I was getting requests for jobs. Scary doesn't even come close to how overwhelming this was! But again, I struggled. This was a gift to be shared. I felt getting paid for it just wasn't right, the idea just didn't sit well with me.

So... I agreed to shoot another wedding, this one my dear friends little brother and his beautiful fiance. Another sweet couple on a tight budget. I met with the soon to be bride and her mama for coffee to discuss logistics, and inevitably topic of money came up. I chose to go with what my <3 was telling me....I wanted no $. I explained that I had no good photos of my own wedding and this was my way of making sure that didn't happen to others just because they couldn't fit it in the budget. It was my gift to them. And my reward? The look of first shock and then pure appreciation on their faces. That's what this is all about I thought to myself!!

I ended up doing one more wedding. Again, a sweet young couple on an extremely tight budget. And again giving it as a gift. It truly was a rewarding experience and definitely advanced my photography skills. I am grateful to these 3 brides for allowing me to shoot their special days.

 However, I have not pursued this any further. It is incredibly stressful taking wedding photos, being responsible for capturing these perfect moments. Occasionally I get requests from those that know me to do portraits or family shoots and sometimes I do. But only as gifts.

Okay long winded, I know. But this is how I feel about everything I create. My creativity is a gift and a gift to be shared. starting a blog I can share with the world and take things to the next level as my family has encouraged me to do!

xo  the Rebel
p.s-can anyone tell me how to get the photos side by side in blogger? Ugh, so not good at the whole formatiing thing.

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