Friday, December 28, 2012

Bring it on 2013!

                                         Well 2013 is just around the here are my

10 Lofty yet Totally do-able(that is a word right?) Goals for the new Year

  1. Start a BLOG, because I WANT TO! Not because I want to make $, not because I want to get free sh*t, and not because I want to be famous.......Just because I WANT TO
  2. Have an AMAZING yard and garden. Since moving out of the cesspool of city living I want to further our self sustaining lifestyle. And.... make all my neighbors GREEN with envy over my EPIC yard ,if you can call an 1.5 acre lot a yard hahahaha
  3. Spend as much time as humanly possible (assuming im human) outdoors with the gypsies....especially considering the beautiful mountain valley surrounding our funny farm.
  4. Get back to walking & drink more frickin water.... A. Because my lil dog is getting REALLY fat B. What's a resolution list without some health goals, right?!
  5. Project 365- photo a day.
  6. Embrace the "new" me...which will tie into goal 5. Hey what can I say im a multi-tasker
  7. Come out of BLURKERVILLE and connect with bloggers that have inspired me for years i.e-stop being a creepy blog stalker
  8. Curb my craft hoarding and use what I have....which will tie into goal 9, yay for twofors :)
  9. Organize my craft shanty
  10. Live each day like its my last
So there it is. Here's to the new year!
xo the Rebel

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